Gemini Spacecraft

Organization Description

center Console 

Sequence System

Arm Auto Retro Switch-Indicator 

Jettison Retrograde Adapter Telelight

Illuminates amber by the 45-second time delay relay 45 seconds after retrofire begins. The amber light cues the crew to jettison the retrograde adapter. Pressing the indicator ignites pyrotechnic switch H and other pyrotechnic devices which disconnect and guillotine the wires at the retrograde adapter section/re-entry vehicle mating line. It fires the shaped charges which sever the retrograde adapter section from the re-entry vehicle. It energizes the Horizon Sensor System scanner head jettison relays which fire the jettison squibs and Jettison the scanner head. It removes the retrograde attitude signals applied to the flight director needles at TR-256 seconds. It switches the FDI roll channel to the mix mode for re-entry. Finally by igniting pyrotechnic switch H it extinguishes the IND RETRO ATT, SEP OAMS LINE, SEP ELEC, HEP ADAPT and ARM AUTO RETRO green indicators and the JETT RETRO amber indicator.