Gemini Spacecraft

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Pulse Command Mode 

Pulse Mode

In this mode, the attitude commands initiated by hand controller displacement fire a single pulse generator in the ACE (Figure Below). The pulse mode logic activates the generator, allowing it to fire for a fixed duration when a pulse command is received. Commands originate every time one of the six normally-open pulse switch contacts of the hand controller is closed. This triggers the generator and applies a bias voltage pulse for a 20 millisecond duration to ground switch A. This ground is then applied to the RCS or 0AME attitude valve drivers, through the actuated hand controller direct switches, as a command for thruster firing. Commands may be initiated in the pitch, yaw or roll axis by moving the control handle in the desired direction beyond a preset threshold (3.5 degrees). Thrusters fire for 20milliseconds each time the handle is displaced beyond S.5 degrees. Tphis mode is optional at all times and will normally be used during platform alignment.