Gemini Spacecraft

Organization Description


A / B / C / D / E/ F / G / H / I / L / M / O / P / R / S / T / U / V / W


Abort Modes Simplified Block Diagram

Abort Sequence Schematic

ACME Functional Block Diagram

ACME Functional Schematic

ACME Maneuver Control-Simplified Block Diagram

ACME Simplified Block Diagram (Horizon Scan Mode)

ACME Simplified Block Diagram (Platform Mode)

ACME Simplified Block Diagram (Rate Cmd. and Re-entry Rate Cmd. Modes)

ACME Simplified Block Diagram (Re-entry Mode)

Acquisition Aid and UHF Recovery Beacons Diagram

Adapter C-Band  Radar Beacon Block Diagram

Ascent Guidance (Back-Up) Diagram

ATM Write Electronics Block Diagram

Attitude Control and Maneuver Electronics

Attitude Display Group (ADG)  Diagram

Auxiliary Tape Memory Diagram

Azimuth Drive Loop Block Diagram


Basic Information Flow Diagram

Boost and Staging Sequence Block Diagram


C-Band Antenna Diagram

C-Band Radar Beacons Diagram

Cabin Environmental Control Schematic

Cabin Equipment Diagram (Typical)

Coldplate Diagram

Communication System Block Diagram

Communications System Diagram

Communication System Sequential Diagram

Computer-AGE Interface Diagram

Computer-ATM-PCDP Interface (S/C 8 thru 12 Only)

Computer-Attitude Display/ACME Interface Diagram

Computer-Autopilot Interface Diagram

Computer DCS Interface Diagram

Computer Interface Diagram

Computer-IS Interface Diagram

Computer-IVI Interface Diagram

Computer - PCDP Interface Diagram

Computer- Platform Electronic Interface

Computer - Power Supply Interface Diagram

Computer-Radar Interface Diagram

Computer TRS Interface Diagram

Coolant Pump Package Diagram

Coolant Temperature Control Valve Diagram

Coolant Tube Type Heat Exchanger Diagram

Cooling System Flow Schematic, Pre-Launch and Launch

Cooling System Flow Schematic - Orbit


DCS Receiver Decoder Diagram

DCS Receiver/Decoder Block Diagram

DCS Relay Box Diagram

Digital Computer Diagram

Drogue Parachute Assembly Diagram


Electrical Power System

Electrical Power System 3

Electronic Timer Functional Block Diagram

Emergency Landing Sequential Block Diagram

Event Timer Functional  Diagram

Executor Routine Program Flow Diagram


Flashing Recovery Lights and Power System Diagram

Frequency Division and Time Decoding Schematic Diagram


Gemini Ejection Seat Assembly Diagram

Guidance and Control Functional Block Diagram


Heat Exchanger - Suit Diagram

HF Voice Transmitter/Receiver Diagram

Horizon Sensor Electronic Package Diagram

Horizon Sensor Power Supply Block Diagram

Horizon Sensor Scanner Head Diagram

Horizon Sensor Single-Axis Positor Diagram

Horizon Sensor System Diagram

Horizon Sensor System Functional Block Diagram


IGS Power Supply Diagram

IMU Functional Block Diagram

Incremental Velocity Indicator Diagram

Incremental Velocity Indicator Front Panel Diagram

Inertial Computer Platform Interface Diagram

Infrared Optics Diagram

Instruction Information Flow Diagram

Instrument Panels Diagram


Landing System Schematic

Landing System Sequential Block Diagram

Launch Cooling Heat Exchanger Diagram


Magnetic Core Operation Diagram

Main Parachute and Single Point Suspension System Diagram

Main Parachute and Two Point Suspension System Diagram

Manual Data Keyboard Diagram

Manual Data Readout Data Flow Diagram

Manual Data Readout Diagram

Mission Elapsed Digital Clock Functional Diagram


OAMS 25 lbs. TCA Diagram

OAMS 85 Lbs. TCA Diagram

OAMS 100 Lbs. TCA Diagram

OAMS Control and Indicator Schematic

OAMS "E" Package Diagram

OAMS Propellant Tank Diagram

OAMS and RCS "A" Package and OAMS "F" Package Diagram

OAMS and RCS "B" Package Diagram

OAMS and RCS "C" and "D" Package Diagram

OAMS and RCS Propellant Shutoff Valve Diagram

OAMS and RCS Pressure Regulator Diagram

Orbit Attitude Maneuvering System Schematic

Orbit Attitude Maneuvering System and TCA Location Diagram


Parachute Landing System Diagram 

Pilot Parachute Assembly Diagram


Radar RF Switching and Return PulseTime Sharing Diagram

Radar and Transponder Power Supply Block Diagrams

Radar/Transponder Receiver Block Diagram


RCS & OAMS Attitude Valve Drivers Diagrams

RCS Propellant Tank Diagram

RCS Single System Diagram

RCS Single System Schematic

Receiver Operation Versus Range Diagram

Re-Entry C-Band Radar Beacon Block Diagram

Re-Entry Control Diagram

Re-Entry Control "A" and "B" Systems Diagram

Rendezvous Radar System Block Diagram

Rendezvous Radar System Diagram

Restraint System Diagram

Retrograde Sequence Schematic

RF Coaxial Switches Diagram

RSS/Fuel Cell System Functional Diagram


Sequential System Diagram

Sequential System Simplified Block Diagram

Signal Processing Loop Block Diagram

Spacecraft Cooling System Diagram

Spacecraft Interior Stowage Areas Diagram

Spacecraft Separation Sequence Schematic

Static System Diagram

Storage Register Schematic Diagram

Suit Loop Oxygen Mode Schematic

Suit Loop High Rate Oxygen Mode Schematic

Suit Loop Recirculation Mode Schematic

Suit Oxygen Demand Regulator Diagram


Tandem and Emergency Deployment Operation Diagram

Telemetry Transmitter Block Diagram

Telemetry Transmitters Diagram

Time Reference System Functional Diagram

Time to Retrograde Minus 30 Seconds Sequence Schematic

Time to Retrograde Minus 256 Seconds Sequence Diagram

Transponder Antenna System Coverage Diagram


UHF Descent and Recovery Antenna Diagram

UHF Diplexer/ UHF Quadplexer Diagram

UHF Stub Antenna Diagram

UHF Voice Transmitter Receiver Diagram

UHF Whip Antenna Diagram

Urine System Diagram


Voice Control Center Diagram

Voice Control Center Functional Block Diagram

Voice Tape Recorder Diagram


Water Management Schematic

Water Management System Diagram

Water Management System Schematic