Gemini Spacecraft

Organization Description

 Environment Sensor Circuit Breaker. Click for more information. Left Circuit Breaker Panel

Sequence System

Retro Power Arm-Safe Switch

Retro Power Arm-Safe Switch

The retrograde power squib bus arm-safe switch is a four-pole, double-throw switch. In the ARM position, it arms retrograde squib bus 1 and 2 and the retrograde common control bus. Thru these buses it arms the RETRO JETT ARM-SAFE switch the RETRO ROCKET SQUIB AUTO-SAFE 1, 2, 3, and 4 switches, the ATT IND CNTL RETRO, RETR0 SEQ 1 and 2, and RETRO0 AUTO and MAN circuit breakers on the left switch/circuit breaker panel, and the RCS SQUIB 1 and 2 circuit breakers on the overhead Switch/circuit breaker panel.